The Preschool Committee

St Mary’s is a registered charity and is managed by a committee of volunteers.  This could be parents, grandparents or members of the wider community.  As a group, the committee has overall responsibility for ensuring the setting fulfills its legal obligations and operates efficiently and according to its constitution. The tasks of the committee range from organising fund-raising events, helping maintain the building and garden(!), recruiting staff, paying their salaries and managing their contracts of employment.

If you would like to join the committee, please speak to any one of the current members.


 The three key roles are:

CHAIRPERSON (currently held by Claire Caton):

  • The public face of the committee. The Chair is expected to represent the group in an official capacity at public events and open meetings.
  • Chair all committee meetings and ensure that these meetings run effectively.
  • Organise an AGM annually.
  • Responsibility for staff line management, of which some may be delegated to the leader.
  • Responsible for recruitment of staff (with support from other members & leader)
  • Support the treasurer and secretary and oversee that they are managing their roles and responsibilities.
  • Make quick decisions in the event of a crisis. You must try to canvass the opinion of as many of the committee as reasonably possible before making a decision if it is essential that a decision be made before the next committee meeting.

TREASURER (position currently held by Vicki Inskip):

  • Responsible for reporting to the committee all matters to do with the groups finances.
  • Keep clear, accurate records of the group’s financial transactions
  • Prepare a budget and budget forecast
  • Manage the group’s budget, issue bills, receipts and payment on behalf of the group.
  • Manage the group’s bank account in consultation with the rest of the committee and sign cheques on behalf of the group, as one of two signatories.
  • Present a financial report to each committee meeting.
  • Pay staff wages and volunteer expenses.
  • Arrange for annual independent examination of accounts prior to AGM
  • Give an annual financial report at the AGM

SECRETARY (currently held by Kate Thorpe):

  • Prepare agenda for meetings (in consultation with the Chair) and circulate to committee members
  • Attend meetings and take minutes
  • Send and receive letters on behalf of the group and keep a record of correspondence
  • Inform committee of dates and times of meetings
  • Inform everyone of dates and times of open and annual meetings
  • Arrange the venue for meetings
  • Co-ordinate circulation of relevant documents to committee members

 General committee members: Nick Thorpe, Nichola McIndoe, Richard Parke

  • Attend committee meetings
  • Decide on fundraising events and organise them
  • Liaise with the rest of the committee and parents to ensure all events are well supported and attended
  • Assist as desired with gardening, projects, etc
  • Assist as desired with Social Media communication and Website maintenance