Our Preschool

We are a small, nurturing, caring setting providing a stimulating environment for your child. They have the opportunity to learn in a fun and caring environment, surrounded by staff who they will get to know and love.

We have brilliant outdoor space at preschool that the children use every day – come rain or shine! They love to get outside to play on the pirate ship, ride on the trikes and bikes and play in water and in the mud kitchen. We also love exploring the wider grounds at Cherry Tree and often go on adventures around the allotment. The children also have the opportunity to join in with sessions from our outside providers throughout the week. Currently the children take part in Spanish lessons, science classes, sports sessions and music lessons as well as much more. Not forgetting our very popular Bike Club. The children love it so much they have requested we run it twice a week.We regularly take trips out to explore our lovely village, including trips to the shops to buy our snacks, visits to the library and to feed the ducks and, for a treat, a trip to Sextons for a Gingerbread Man.

Our close relationship with our neighbours at Cherry Tree School means we regularly use the school’s large play equipment, helping to further develop gross motor skills and we attend school assemblies to allow the children to get used to sitting and listening in the hall. We take part in sports day and regularly use the running track. Our children meet weekly with the year 5 buddies from Cherry Tree. Bike club also takes place on the school playground allowing children to become more familiar with the grounds.

In the summer term the children meet weekly for stories with one of the members of staff from reception class. We also start preparing children for their PE lessons by encouraging them to get changed and recognising their own belongings.

We maybe small but we have a lot to offer that you just can’t get anywhere else. This is why St Mary’s Preschool children stand head and shoulders above the rest when they start school. We’ve been nurturing them for this huge milestone from the start.