The new log cabin is ready!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the ground was being dug to make way for the log cabin.  The final pieces of work were done over the holidays and the cabin is now ready to be used for our small group activities, quiet time, special arts projects, story time, the list is endless but one thing is for sure, all of our children will benefit from this latest addition.

The money used to buy the log cabin came from the fundraising we did last year – mainly the auction of promises and the disco.  Due to the number of parents we had helping out last year on the Rotary Santa Float we received a very generous donation from the Lymm Rotary Club which enabled us to buy a heating/air conditioning unit for the cabin making it suitable for all year round use.  Thank you for supporting our fundraising events – it really does make a difference!

Plaque unveiling



Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the unveiling of the plaque which is a thank you to all the families who were involved in our ‘sponsor a fence panel’ fundraiser last year.  It was lovely to see so many families from past and present and we hope you enjoyed the tea and cakes too.  We are very lucky at St Mary’s to have such supportive parents and staff.