Dickensian Day Parade

As you aware Dickensian Day is fast approaching and we are excited to say we will be joining Cherry Tree Primary School in the parade on the day.

The theme for this year is Christmas Gingerbread Men and Houses with children wearing Christmas hats and carrying large candy canes.

We are looking for children from the pre-school to walk in the parade on the day in a suitable costume. Do not let the costume theme put you off, as we have a couple of suggestions to help: for the creative how about a cardboard cut-out decorated by your child or if you are short of time or less creative then fabric costumes can be purchased on-line.

On the day children would need to be at the Lymm Hotel for 1pm with the parade starting at 1.30pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity for promoting St Mary’s Pre-School and we really hope you will come and join us on the day.

If you would like your child to take part please return the reply slip below to pre-school by Tuesday 8th December.


Early Years Entitlement

Last night we were delighted to be asked by Colony Community to present a session at the Think Family Finance Workshop, Cherry Tree School.

Rachel and Georgina talked about Early Years Entitlement (FEYE) for 3 and 4 year olds and a limited number of 2 year olds and of course our brilliant pre-school.




Dickensian Day Saturday 12th Dec

We are fast approaching our first fundraiser of this pre-school year and yes you guessed it, it’s Dickensian Day, which takes place on Saturday 12th December.

Every Year St Mary’s pre-school runs a stall in The Lymm Village Dickensian Day Celebrations and this year is no different. This stall is essential in promoting our pre-school and to raise much needed funds that go directly to benefiting all our children.

This year the stall is in Lymm Village Hall and will have a children’s treasure sticks game and a bottle tombola (both very successful last year).

So, how can you help?

  1. Donate bottles (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for the tombola
  2. Donate wrapped sweets, books or cuddly toys for our general prizes
  3. Donate special books, cuddly toys or other kids gift for our star prizes (we require 10 star prizes)
  4. Put your name down for an hour slot on our rota for the stall on the day (list will be next to the signing in sheet at pre-school).

Donations can be dropped off at pre-school drop off and pick up times.

We really hope that you can help make the stall as successful as previous years and we thank you in advance for your participation and donations


Joanna and Heather


Today we’ve had a visit from Jo Jingles to discuss doing a taster session for the children in January.

We are also having a visit from the Librarian on Friday!